Reaching higher with Darlene


Darlene Lee’s unique perspective and approach as a certified career coach
comes from more than 20 years of experience helping individuals at all stages of professional development launch, rejuvenate, and transition their careers.

She developed her passion for coaching during a difficult time after being laid off from a position she held for 17 years. While searching for a new opportunity, she had the chance to work with a number of outstanding coaches who not only helped her with her career transition, but also inspired her with their commitment to her success and willingness
to invest so heavily of themselves in Darlene’s personal journey.

Now, years later as a highly respected career expert, Darlene is honoring those who helped her by devoting the same dedication and commitment to her clients’ success.
As a result of her own personal experiences, she easily relates to the feelings of loss, despair, fear and even panic that can result from not being able to find an appropriate job or from being displaced from a position. Darlene can honestly say to each of her clients, “I’ve been through what you’re going through and I know what you’re facing. 
Most importantly, I know how to help you move past what’s holding you back so you
can achieve remarkable things in your professional life.”

Ask clients about her and they’ll use words like “inspiring,” “motivating,” “encouraging,” “respect” and “empathy.” All of which combine to help them push beyond perceived boundaries so they can hope for a future filled with almost limitless potential.


“Trying to reinvent myself after being laid off has been a daunting task. With Darlene’s coaching, I have been able to use her practical guidance and targeted strategies to formulate a job search plan and remain positive during the process. Darlene has always been very patient and given me candid, solid advice. Her directions and exercises are always clearly outlined and she has a knack for drawing me out and asking viewpoint questions that bolster my confidence that I’m on the right path and with the coaching support she provides, we will get there together.”
— Gail Bonaparte, Queens Village, NY

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