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DARE Career Coaching Group Sessions are perfect for young professionals
in the early stages of their careers, but people of all ages have benefited from
the knowledge, skills and techniques each session delivers.



#1 Igniting Your Job Search

Learn how to begin your job search, explore your career aspirations, experiences and skills, and create your career objectives. Build momentum and minimize self-defeating attitudes and behaviors that might impede progress. Know the resources to tap to help you execute a successful job search

  • How to start your job search—visualize your future,
    focus on purpose, commit to hold yourself accountable and persist
  • Exploring your interests, career aspirations, experiences, knowledge and skills
  • What are your career objectives: SMART GOAL (specific, measurable,
    achievable, realistic, time specific)
  • Getting your head together—acknowledge fear, confidence issues,
    sabotaging behaviors
  • Developing your job search strategy and plan
  • Know the resources you need: network, experts, search avenues, resume,
    career websites, direct inquiry, classified ads


#2 Creating a Winning Resume

Create a resume that makes recruiters and hiring managers take a second look.
One that is visually appealing, showcases your experiences and strengths,
and displays the unique value you will offer their organization if hired.

  • Purpose of Resume
  • Resume Formats
    • Objective or focus statement
    • Experience (professional and volunteer)
    • Education, credentials, licenses
    • Qualifications summary
    • Affiliations
    • Keywords
    • E-resume
  • Grabbing the Reader’s Attention
  • Writing Tips & Techniques (style, bullets, fonts)
  • Samples


#3 How to Ace Your Job Interview: Tips & Techniques 

Don’t let a job interview catch you by surprise. Find out how to prepare yourself for the different types—one-on-one, group, phone or video—so you stand out in a sea of candidates. Learn about job references, offers, and salary negotiation.

  • Interview Preparation
  • The Interview
    • Skills and accomplishments
    • Establishing rapport
    • Answering questions
    • Asking questions
    • Wrap-up
  • Telephone and Video Interviews
  • Group Interviews
  • Job Offers
  •  Salary Negotiation
  • Job References


#4 High-Impact Job Search, Letters & Emails

Proper communication with prospective hiring managers is a critical aspect of the job search process. Learn how to write powerful cover, thank you, and follow-up letters. 
Also learn the etiquette associated with writing/sending these letters via email. Like the resume and the interview itself, these letters play an important role in helping to sell
you as a candidate.

  • Email Etiquette
  • Cover Letters and Emails
  • Thank You Letters and Emails
  • Follow-up Letters and Emails


#5 Got the Job! Now What?

You’ve been searching for a job for weeks or months and have finally landed the position you’ve been looking for. It’s your first day and you want to start off on the right foot. Learn things you can do from Day 1 to help you stand out, make a great impression, and position yourself for a successful career.

  • Getting Off to the Right Start
  • First Impressions (attitude, dress, approachability, work ethic, etc.)
  • Role and Expectations
  • Navigating the Organization (learning the company culture)
  • Political Savvy
  • Personal & Career Branding
  • Visibility/Elevator Speech
  • Networking & Mentors
  • Job Mobility and Advancement (lateral moves & vertical moves)
  • Working Smart (not just hard)

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