Turn your aspirations into action

You can achieve great things in your professional life. Whether “great” for you is that important first job out of school, that next-level job that takes you into management, 
or that “I’d like to try something completely different” career move many of us
lack the courage to take, DARE Career Coaching can help you aspire to and
reach new career heights. 

As with any professional alliance, the benefits of career coaching become
stronger and more evident as our relationship develops. Over time, we’ll be
able to help you increase self-awareness and develop and implement a
personal career plan designed especially for you.

Whether you choose our Private or Group Coaching sessions, we’ll work closely
with you to discover things about yourself that are helping and, conversely, to uncover things that may be hindering your professional development and career advancement.

Here’s how it works

Through discussion, exploration and self-reflection, in sessions that are customizable
to quickly adapt to your unique personality, strengths and desires, we’ll help you:

  • Visualize where you’d like to go
  • Identify fears and stumbling blocks holding you back
  • Break through those obstacles to develop skills and confidence
  • Establish a clear direction
  • Devise a strategic, actionable plan for success

If you’ve just graduated and feel like you don’t know where to begin, you’re in a
career slump and need to jumpstart things, or you’re toward the end of your career
but are nowhere near done yet, DARE Career Coaching will help you unleash your
fullest potential. So you can confidently go after and achieve new heights in
your professional life.

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