You can turn your career dreams into reality

We can help, just as we’ve helped many other professionals over the years. 
But DARE is not about us; it’s about you. It’s about the career roadblocks you may be facing,
and how you’re going to overcome them. It’s about your professional goals and dreams, and how
you’re going to achieve them. This is all about the potential that’s already inside you, and how
you’re going to tap into that power to turn your career goals and desires into action.

So you never stop daring to dream, aspire, reach and excel throughout your career.

It’s about overcoming challenges

Each stage of professional life can bring different obstacles, challenges that can be a roadblock to
your career advancement and professional development. DARE Career Coaching delivers proven
methods designed to help you overcome these obstacles and move forward. 

Here are just a few ways we can help:      

early career

  • Finding your dream job
  • Distinguishing yourself from other candidates
  • Excelling in your new position


  • Reinvigorating your career
  • Achieving and maintaining work/life balance
  • Positioning yourself so you get that next, great job

transitioning career

  • Identifying barriers and assessing your situation
  • Evaluating your aspirations, strengths and interests
  • Positioning yourself for successful change

It's about choices

No two professionals are alike, and not everyone succeeds with the same approach.
That’s why we offer these customizable coaching options.

Private Coaching

Personal, one-on-one sessions where together we explore your strengths, areas of concern and improvement opportunities.

Group coaching

Curriculum-based sessions for professionals seeking the support and perspective of a group
of peers experiencing similar challenges.


Darlene Lee, your career champion

The power to achieve what you want in your professional life is already inside you. 

Few career coaches have the experience or compassion founder Darlene Lee brings to every client relationship. A certified career coach, she’s been where you are, she’s helped people overcome the same challenges you’re facing and she’s spent her life helping others achieve their highest potential. 

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“When I talk to Darlene I become energized because she makes me think. She asks probing questions that challenge me internally, making it impossible for me to simply focus on the external. Our conversations cause me to look within—to recognize my current actions that aren’t working, and push me towards radical change to see my way forward.”
— Teresa Cherry-Cruz, Bridgeport, CT

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